Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious



Stylish, full automatic espresso machine that ticks all the boxes!

The Bravilor Bonamat Esprecious is a fully automatic espresso machine, made of the best and longest-lasting materials. The Esprecious uses freshly ground beans to prepare all its coffee specialties.
The patented horizontal brewer ensures top quality coffee extraction, which contributes significantly to the taste of your coffee. In addition, the grinders with their ceramic discs make sure that the coffee beans are ground to perfection.

With its stylish design and delicious hot drinks menu, this powdered milk vending machine fits perfect in demanding offices or other busy workplaces. Just select one of the pre-set drink options to enjoy all your café favourites at the touch of a button: Coffee crème, Café au lait, Cappuccino, Espresso, Latte macchiato …

Busy workplaces, large offices, multinationals, coffee corners, golf clubs,… If you are looking for a stylish, full automatic espresso machine that produces top grade coffee, the Esprecious ticks all the boxes!

Key Features

  • Intuitive, full colour touchscreen
  • LED lighting around the display can be set to any RGB colour, ensuring the machine suits any interior
  • Bean-to-cup preparation using fresh coffee beans
  • Double dispensing outlet for serving two cups simultaneously
  • Separate hot water tap for tea
  • Adjustable outlet for various cup sizes
  • Automatic rinsing program to optimize the in-cup quality
  • Unique hot water system to reduce scaling, reduces the maintenance requirement
  • Service-friendly and easy to maintain
  • High-quality and durable components
  • Energy efficient and smart software
  • Eco mode minimizes the consumption of energy outside of working hours.
  • Full indicators for the waste bin and drip-tray

Technical details

  • Hopper for coffee beans, capacity 1.4 kg
  • Hopper for vending milk, capacity 3.2 L
  • Dimensions (W x H x D in mm):330 x 660 x 570
  • Output per hour:
    – espresso: 120 – 150 cups (2 x 40cc)
    – coffee: 80 – 100 cups (2 x 125 cc)
  • Mains connected/plumbed