Miko Coffee

Miko coffee

- more than 200 years of coffee experience in the making -

Since 1801 Miko has scoured the globe for the finest coffee beans and meticulously blended them for full bodied, award winning coffee products using techniques honed over time. Once the beans are roasted, they are immediately packed and shipped in order to preserve all their delicate flavours. Today, Belgium boasts a vibrant coffee culture which is recognised all over the world. It’s no surprise therefore that you will find only the best Belgian coffee brands whilst sitting at your desk.

While Miko Coffee offers a range of timeless coffee blends, that can be enjoyed at any occasion, we are thrilled and would love you to taste our Miko Espresso 08 blend. Created with respect for our heritage, this special blend acknowledges the palate of today’s coffee connoisseurs here in Dubai.
100% Arabica beans roasted to perfection for a beautiful soft espresso with very strong citric over tones, a basket full of sharp fruits with natural sweetness to leave a very pleasant reminder.

Miko’s passion for the ultimate espresso stems from being a family run business with a love of coffee and a culture of perfectionism.