How to Choose the Perfect Office Coffee Machine

office coffee machine

Coffee has become an ever-increasing trend in Dubai. In fact, it is said that Emiratis drink an average of 2.5 cups of coffee per day. This is no surprise. Emiratis have made the switch from tea to coffee to maintain their busy schedule, as well as keep up with the western lifestyle. The rising popularity of coffee means that more and more Emiratis have integrated coffee in their everyday lives, including in the workplace. Coffee breaks have become integral in every working environment. They improve productivity and encourage workers to give their best performance throughout the day. 

Having coffee available also boosts the reputation of the company as a place to work. It shows that managers care about the wellbeing of their employees. As such, office coffee machines are a must-have for every company. With many options available, managers can easily make the decision to install a coffee machine in the break room. However, it’s important that they choose the perfect coffee machine that will benefit everyone. In today’s article, we will explore different coffee machines, their features and why they would be a great asset for your workplace. 

Choosing the Best Coffee Machine

When it comes to choosing office coffee machines, it’s important to know which one will be best suited for your workplace and staff members. There are many factors to consider including costs, time, space and cleanliness. Some coffee machines are better suited to certain workplaces than others, so it’s important to do your research before investing in a coffee machine outright. Luckily, there is a great selection of coffee machines that you can choose from. The following coffee machines are easy-to-use, affordable, long-lasting, and produce deliciously brewed coffee that will have your employees coming back for more.

  1. Automatic and Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Bean coffee machines are the most traditional and commonly used coffee machines and for good reason. They are easy to use, quick-serving and offer a range of hot drinks that will turn your office into a slice of Italy. You can create tasty favourites such as espresso, long black, flat white, cappuccino and hot chocolate. These drinks are prepared with fresh milk and coffee beans that offer energizing aromas. A bean coffee machine is ideal for fast-paced workplaces such as hotels, bars and restaurants. They are crucial during peak times when your employees need coffee immediately so they can get right back to their duties. Bean coffee machines are available as automatic and semi-automatic. Automatic espresso machines will grind coffee beans and fill the portafilter, while semi-automatic machines require you to do those tasks yourself. 

  1. Capsule Coffee Machines

A capsule coffee machine is a convenient and aesthetically-pleasing system to have in any workplace. Perfect for meeting rooms or management, capsule coffee machines are a great addition to your small office footprint, as they have removable water tanks that won’t take up any unnecessary space. Capsule systems are also very easy to use. With pre-programmed selector buttons, you can choose between espresso and caffè lungo that will be perfectly brewed with one touch. With a variety of flavours available, coffee capsules produce freshly-roasted espresso and caffè lungo. Capsules are also carefully used to ensure that there is no waste left behind, meaning there is less to clean and more to consume. 

  1. Filter Coffee Machines

If you have a large workspace with dozens of employees, then a filter coffee machine is a suitable solution. Filter coffee machines are ideal for busy areas such as function rooms, canteens and industrial workplaces. When your employees are wanting their coffee at the same time, filter coffee machines will provide fast-brewed coffee in a matter of seconds. Employees can use efficiently-packed pre-dose filters to brew large amounts of coffee for everyone to share. Filter systems are typically supplied with vacuum airpots or glass jugs. Vacuum airpots are particularly suitable for large offices as they store consistently-warm coffee. They are also portable, which means you can supply coffee to your entire office. This means all your employees and visitors will have fresh coffee without interruptions or disappointment. 

Investing in an Office Coffee Machine

With many options to choose from, your workplace will surely benefit from having instant coffee. No matter what area you work in, there is simply no excuse for not having an office coffee machine installed for your employees. At Corporate Coffee Solutions, we have many options available for your Dubai place of business. Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent an office coffee machine, we have a range of affordable options that are tailored to your needs. Simply choose a coffee machine, and we’ll take care of equipment installation, cleaning and servicing. 

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