200 Years experience in the art of coffee roasting

History in the art of coffee roasting

Knowledge in the art of roasting and blending, perfected over two hundred years, summarized in a number of key milestones. This is our legacy, our heritage. Miko’s rich history shows how innovation can form the basis for long term growth.

Miko - 200 years of experience in coffee roasting - vans
Miko - 200 years of experience in coffee roasting - parade
Miko - 200 years of experience in coffee roasting - Expo 1958 Brussels
1801: Leonardus Michielsen sets up a coffee roasting business and starts trading in colonial merchandise

1908: Jan Michielsen sets up coffee roasting business Michielsen Koffie

1937: The company expands to the edge of the city of Turnhout (40km from Antwerp), and the name MIKO (MIchielsen KOffie) is born.

1958: Brussels World Exhibition, Miko Launches the one-cup coffee filter, an absolute innovation in the field of coffee drinking.

1972: Strategic reorientation from coffee in retail shelf space to a focus on out of home consumption in commercial companies, the catering sector and office buildings.

1974: The knowledge of plastics acquired through the development of the one-cup coffee filter being put to further use… a plastics division for all kinds of packaging is set up. Today’s Miko Pac takes shape.

1998: IPO of Miko NV’s shares on the Brussels Stock Exchange.

1999 – …: Further expansion in the coffee division (France, UK, Slovakia, Czech Republic… ) and in the plastics division (Poland)

2003: Miko is awarded the prestigious “Company of the Year” award, an initiative of E&Y, de Tijd and BNP Paribas Fortis

2005: Launch of Puro Fairtrade Coffee brand, and commencement of rainforest acquisition via the World Land Trust

2013: the coffee division continues to expand on an international scale following a number of targeted acquisitions in Scandinavia and Australia.

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