What’s best: a coffee machine with fresh milk or powdered milk?

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Should you choose a machine that makes cappuccinos and lattes with fresh milk or powdered milk?

If you compare a fresh milk machine and a vending coffee machine, there is no doubt that some people will prefer the taste of the fresh milk over the vending product. But don’t base your decision solely on perception of taste. Vending machines with milk powder have their advantages too.


Let’s look at the 3 biggest benefits of each type:

Coffee machines with fresh milk (eg WMF 1100 s, Delatti F12)
  • Supreme taste, end product similar to cafe
  • The aroma is invigorating
  • Option to use alternative milk (eg soy, oat, almond milk)
  • Your clients will appreciate the offer

Vending machines with powdered milk (eg Bravilor Sego and Bravilor Esprecious)
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean
  • Fast

Premium taste with fresh frothed milk coffee machine

A fresh milk coffee machine will serve you perfect cappuccinos and lattes. However these kind of coffee machines will need more attention and could be susceptible to breaking down if not cleaned regularly.
On the plus side, you can find companies like ours that provide weekly or monthly cleaning services to come to your office and clean your machine. Your machine will only be out of action for about 15 minutes so it’s hardly an inconvenience.

Where would you use a fresh milk machine over a vending coffee machine? In places that have one or more colleagues dedicated to daily cleaning and servicing of the machine like in an office, car dealership or hotel.


Where would you use a vending coffee machine over a fresh milk machine?

The vending coffee machine makes a wide selection of drinks including espresso, long black, cappuccino and hot chocolate. You can get a decent coffee out of these machines if you put good vending machine ingredients into them. We have a wide range of products including vending coffee, milk & chocolate that will give you the best possible taste in each cup.
The machine will use less cleaning products which ultimately saves you money.

A vending coffee machine is a great option in workplaces where there is no dedicated person for daily cleaning, or where the machine is used intensely and coffee needs to be served fast: on peak moments in canteens and multinationals.


With a fantastic selection of coffee machines, look no further for all of your business brewing needs! Contact the coffee specialists from Corporate Coffee Solutions today.